The Holistic Birth and Baby Event, Schedule

11am: Doors Open
Be one of the first 50 families to attend
and receive a swag bag filled with goodies for new parents!

11:30am: Workshop
Yoga Mama: 20 Minutes on the Mat.
A gentle yoga flow to promote calm breathing, clarity, and relaxation
with Sara Wallace, RYT-200

Space is limited for this workshop.

Sara Wallace is a believer, wife, home birth + home school mom, adventurer, network marketing professional, and registered yoga teacher (RYT-200). A long-time lover of yoga, Sara credits prenatal yoga for releasing the tension in her hips she didn’t even know was there.. and post-natal yoga for helping her sanity. Sara is highly driven by encouraging women to know and live their purpose.
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12:00pm: Tie-ing It All Together
Location: Speakers’ Corner
Is Tongue Tie a fad? What happens if I don’t address a tongue tie? Dr Sonda Powell has parents ask these questions all the time because their child might still be showing signs of being tongue tied but they have been told otherwise. Dr Sonda Powell has been working with families challenged with ties for over 6yrs and will be discussing how how ties could be effecting your child’s speech, behavior, attention, health, and how it is all Tied together.

Dr. Sonda graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri in May 2005. From the very beginning of school she knew she wanted to care for pregnant mothers and their children. Dr. Sonda began her advanced studies for pregnancy & children through the ICPA program and through this she found her passion to also care for children with disabilities. Dr. Sonda is constantly expanding her knowledge in how to prevent “dis-ease” before a child is even conceived. Dr. Sonda completed a 2 year mentorship program learning about methylation and mitochondrial disorders in 2015. She also completed course work in neurofunctional and developmental disorders all through Intersect4Life learning programs. When not in the office Dr. Sonda’s full attention is focused on her husband and 3 kids. Dr. Sonda always says that the experiences in her own life are there to help aid someone else who is going through the same thing. Follow Dr. Sonda Powell on Facebook.

12:30pm: Workshop: Aroma Freedom Technique
“Mommy’s Little Helper – 60 Second Stress Buster”
Presented by Kathryn Bolen, Aroma Empowered
Learn how to reduce stress with a simple awareness technique and the power of aromatherapy to quickly and easily smooth out the #mommaprobs and #toddlertantrums. Let’s knock the stress factor down a few notches, shall we? Great for all ages and stages in life!

Kathryn’s heartfelt passion is in helping others release the negative charge of past experiences so that there is room for the positive that lies before them. She recognizes that more often than not we cannot even see the opportunities in our path as we are so focused on the past. It may not even be a conscious decision to be looking at our past, however, that is how we are designed. Keeping the past in our sights is a safety mechanism; keeping the HURT of the past intact, though, is a direct hindrance to our progress. The Father has given her heart’s desire — to set the captive free from the bondages of the past which affect our present physical and emotional wellbeing. She knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that THIS is her life’s calling. She looks forward to many others joining her on the path to true freedom.

1:00pm: Featured Speaker, Brittney Bishop
Topic: Empowered Thinking, Empowered Birthing
Location: Speakers’ Corner
Once a naive, young, first-time mother, following step-by-step and “rule by rule” exactly what mainstream society teaches, Brittney is going to share with us what it looks like to become an empowered woman and make decisions beyond “the norm”.

Brittney is a mother of four- three boys and a girl (plus 4 heavenly babies), wife, Christ follower, home birth mom, network marketing professional, and public speaker. Over the last 5 years, Brittney has become passionate about empowering women both near and far in breaking the status quo and living in their truth. 

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1:30pm: Featured Speaker: Kasy Wixon
Topic: Support Your Family with a Sibling Doula
Location: Speakers’ Corner

Kasy will be teaching us what a siblings doula is and how they can support your family. Kasy’s Siblings Class is recommended for children ages 1-10 who are being promoted to big brothers or sisters! This class uses hands on interaction, fun games and much more to help your little one become excited about welcoming a baby into your household. Kasy will be showing a brief demonstration of the siblings class which includes 5 tips on how to prepare your child for the new baby!

Kasy Wixon is a Siblings Doula at Breathe Birth & Wellness as well as a Birth and Trauma Informed Doula. Kasy became a Doula in 2015 and she is also an advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault victims at DVIS. She has been working with children for 10 years and she has 4 children of her own. She is the Event Coordinator for Tulsa Doulas and has been a Girl Scout Leader for daughters troop for 3 years She is certified in Basic First Aid, CPR, AED, TENS and Advanced Rebozo Techniques. She teaches a Siblings Class at Breathe Birth & Wellness and she offers Sibling Doula support for an expecting big brother or big sister.

2:00pm: Featured Speaker, Jeri Jones
Topic: Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis
Location: Speakers’ Corner

Having just walked away from her own birth experience, which left her physically and emotionally scarred, and knowing her family was not yet complete, Jeri poured herself into maximizing her knowledge about childbirth, as well as Tulsa’s birth community. She simultaneously discovered a passion for sharing that knowledge with other mothers in the community and supporting their preparations for birth, as well as their birth recoveries.

In 2016, Jeri’s desire to better serve and support expecting and new mothers motivated her to pursue professional training as both a birth doula and childbirth educator, in which capacity she has supported families ever since. Jeri has also been trained as a postpartum doula, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula (Hypno-Doula), Flourishing Families birth, breastfeeding, and new baby educator, and most recently became the only certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor in the state of Oklahoma.

2:30pm: Workshop: Leaps and Bounds
Dr Sonda Powell is beginning a new brain development program in October called Leaps and Bounds which will be targeting ages newborn to 3yrs of age.  Dr Sonda Powell will be demonstrating what the typical class will be like for a child age 3-6mo. Please see Dr. Sonda’s full bio above.

3:00pm: Featured Speaker, Kathryn Bolen, Aroma Freedom Technique
Topic: Discover your inner Super Mom self with Aroma Boost…
because you can’t borrow energy from your kids.

Location: Speakers’ Corner
Please see Kathryn’s full bio above.

3:30pm: Featured Speaker, Laura Burkett
Topic: What’s In A Vaccine and Why You Should Do Your Research
Location: Speakers’ Corner

Laura Burkett is a fierce advocate for Vaccine Awareness.  She was unvaccinated as a child, and had the normal measles, mumps and chickenpox as did all her childhood friends and siblings without incident. Laura left Tulsa in the early 80’s for Los Angeles, to pursue film and television, quickly landing small roles on General Hospital, and later co-starring roles with William Shatner on the TV series, TJ Hooker, and starring in independent films, Daddys Boys, Overkill, Rush Week and Gregg Rolie’s Music Video “Young Love”.  She later co-produced independent films “Dish Dogs with Sean Astin and “One Hell of a Guy” with Rob Lowe as well as Celebrity award shows the Movie Guide Awards for the Christian Film & Television Commission, and the Bob Hope USO Golf Classic.  

Her Vaccine Awareness awakening came 3 years ago after attending the premier of the documentary film VAXXED in NYC and learning about the CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson’s confession that the CDC had committed medical fraud by destroying their MMR study that found a 300% increase in autism. Since then she’s spent thousands of hours, looking into vaccines and their science.  She can hardly meet anyone these days without urging them to do their research before they vaccinate.

Just this year, Laura returned to Tulsa to be with her family and is joyfully participating in the worldwide Hemp CBD industry as a business owner in the home based business category, educating weekly on the amazing health benefits of non-psychoactive CBD.  

The above schedule is subject to change.
Limited space is available for talks and workshops. We advise you arrive early to ensure you have a seat.